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Tanida Warabi has over 30 years of history with Qigong. She continues to teach several styles to students ages 20 to 90.

She started qigong because of her work-related stress, tension in the neck and upper back, tinnitus, nausea, and brain fog.

She went regularly to anmo massage, but she rather wanted to do something herself to ease the symptoms. In the famous Kateigaiho magazine, there was an article about qigong and how it can reduce stress. She decided to try it and was surprised by the helping effect.

She started actual Qigong training as a student of Tsumura Takashi Sensei, and her basic qigong is Tsumura Sensei´s style. Tsumura sensei was well known in China as well, and he introduced her Masters of qigong, wushu, and healing as well.

Tanida sensei will give lessons in Zhineng Gong - 知能功, a technique developed by Mr. Peng Ming - 龐明. Mr. Peng describes the characteristics of Zhineng Gong as enhancing cognitive ability, facilitating spiritual perception, and cultivating latent potential.

Tsumura Sensei was fond of 知能功. Tanida Sensei teaches this to her students as an easy-to-learn qigong method that enhances sensitivity to energy.

She is also a student of Chinese Neidan masters and of Health Qigong, which will be part of her lessons as well.