Hommikukohv #55. Eve Noormets
Gerd Neggo stipendiumi pälvis Eve Noormets
Delta: Eve Noormets pälvis Gerd Neggo nimelise tantsuõpetaja stipendiumi.
Tantsukuukiri. Intervjuu. Eve Noormets
KUULA: EMA. Tantsuõpetaja Eve Noormets. Nüüd tuleb võimelda.
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Vastab Eve Noormets. (Teater.Muusika.Kino nr. 3 märts 2017)
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Eve Noormets:

"For many years already, teaching dance has been my hobby. Especially creative dance - something that offers for a dancer a great chance of self-development, contributing definitely with plenty of useful for a lifetime. I've been doing it under the name of Eve Stuudio, teaching children as well as adults, teaching actors, doctors, lawyers etc. In addition to my own studio, I've been teaching my teaching in many other different places, e.g in universities, in Estonia as well as in further-away countries. And as the journey goes on and on, the more easy and enjoyable my hobby becomes to me!"