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lossi 30, viljandis

11.00 - 14.00

Excerpts from Tai Chi rejuvenating practice 太極返還功

- 導氣 Directing the energy

  1. 太極初勢  Tai Chi initial

  2. 混沌初開  Opening upwards then coming down

  3. 旋轉乾坤  Holding the energy to both side and rotating

  4. 野馬分鬃  Opening diagonally and closing

  5. 二郎擔山  Arms opening to the front and back

  6. 走馬揚鞭  Circling inwards with both hands

  7. 俯按陰陽  Figure 8

- 引體 Guiding the body

  1. 鹿回頭      Deer looking back

  2. 大鵬展翅  Grand bird opening the wings

  3. 猿猴舒筋  Monkey stretching

  4. 靈龜戲水  Turtle swimming in the water

  5. 金蟬脫殼  Golden cicada shelling

  6. 老熊摸魚  Old bear fishing

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16.00 - 19.00

Asian Art of Food and Cooking:
We will do this in a homey was, like a traditional family gathering. Cooking together exploring asian spices, food ingredients and asian cooking process for soups as well as various Taiwanese dishes. We will also finish with a tea ceremony with tea from Taiwan.

 Hung has studied closely under a great Qi Gong master in Taiwan for over 10 years. It has been her practice of life and meditation. Cultivating the subtle energy with movement in Qi Gong has lead her to dancing professionally, teaching and sharing the practice with people to improve the well-being of mind and body. Hsuan-Hsiu has taught Qi Gong in group meditation retreats in Estonia and Austria as well as workshops in France, U.K., U.S.A., India and Singapore.

Coming from a mixed background of visual arts, dance and contemplative practice, she has worked for 5 years as a resident artist in an art-based school in Taiwan, developing projects with students and teachers to bring creativity to the process of learning. She has choreographed and performed dance works in N.Y.C. at the New Steps Choreographer Series, WestFest Dance Festival, and Dance Theater of Harlem emerging choreographer series. In 2017, she was invited to be the Assistant Artistic Director for the largest musical dance theater in Nepal. Currently she is a faculty member of the Danial Goleman: Social Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certificate in U.S., developing contemplative movement practices to promote personal and social awareness in people.

In the coming year, Hsuan-Hsiu will be based in London and offering regular Qi Gong classes and workshops. To learn more about her work, look at: www.dancinginart.com
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